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use strict;
use warnings;
use open IO => ':locale';
use lib 'lib';
use MyApp::I18N;
my @LANG = ('en');
sub loc(@) {
my $handle = MyApp::I18N->get_handle(@LANG);
return $handle->maketext(@_)
print loc_all("Hello, World!"),"\n";
print loc_all("Hello, [_1]!", getpwuid($<) ),"\n";
my $msg = "Launched [quant,_1,process,processes,zero processes]";
print loc_all($msg, 0),"\n";
print loc_all($msg, 1),"\n";
print loc_all($msg, 22),"\n";
print loc_all($msg, 16),"\n";
$msg = "[list,_1,and,Player _1 won,Players _1 won,Draw]!";
print loc_all($msg),"\n";
print loc_all($msg, [scalar getpwuid($<)]),"\n";
print loc_all($msg, [qw(foo bar baz)]),"\n";
sub loc_all {
my @arg = @_;
my @res;
foreach (['en'], ['ru']) {
@LANG = @$_;
push @res, loc(@arg);
return join "\n", @res;
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