Instantaneous Farts, non-stop, all the time!
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💩 💩 💩 FartCharade 💩 💩 💩

Instantaneous Farts, non-stop, all the time!

Hosted at Heroku

Just tweet anything with the word "fart" and listen to the website fart away. Sample: OH SHIT, the whole world is turning into one gigantic fart charade The word "farts" is not recognized. Only use the singular fart.

Listening to My Own Farts

It's possible to listen to your own farts only. Just visit the url

Specifying farts

You can specify the kind of fart you'd like to hear. All you have to do is hash tag the sound file. Sample: God, I love farts. #BeanBurritoFart. If you don't specify a fart, a random one will be played.

Available Options:

  • BeanBurritoFart
  • CheeseFart
  • CommonFart
  • DoorFart
  • DryFart
  • DuckFart
  • HonkFart
  • HornFart
  • JustAFart
  • OhNoFart
  • PantsPoopedFart
  • PantsRippedFart
  • QuestionFart
  • QuickFart
  • ShoeFart
  • SqueekFart
  • WetFart