Ender port of Twitter's CSS + JS Toolkit *v1.4 only* see http://rvagg.github.com/ender-bootstrap for v2+
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A quick note on version 2.0

Version 2.0 is almost complete but it's a very different project. Instead of a direct fork I have a build app that does the conversion and packaging. Plus, the plugins are all in NPM separately if you don't want them all.

See https://github.com/rvagg/ender-bootstrap for v2.0 details


Look ma', no jQuery!

This is a simple port of https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap with some changes to support use with Ender without jQuery.

It simply requires an Ender build with the Jeesh + Bowser (i.e. domReady, Qwery, Bonzo, Bean & Bowser, although Qwery is optional if you wish to use a different selector engine)

ender-twitter-bootstrap is available in NPM so to build with Ender simply run ender build ender-twitter-bootstrap.


The port is complete, minus any un-found bugs which I trust you will put in a pull-request to fix for the rest of us. Tested in IE7+ and the other usual suspects.

The approach taken is to touch the original Bootstrap files as little as possible and just wrap them in a copy of Ender with a bunch of shims applied that fix up anything that Bootstrap is expecting from jQuery that Ender doesn't have or do (not a whole lot). So keeping the port up to date with the latest Bootstrap code is relatively easy.

At least one use-case that isn't supported is:

$("a[rel=twipsy]").twipsy({ live: true })

This won't work because we don't have live() in bean, it's been deprecated in jQuery anyway. Just call twipsy() and it'll work.

See docs/javascript.html for an updated example using the Ender version and for details on what changes were made to get it working see the diff: https://github.com/rvagg/bootstrap/compare/master...ender#diff-1

A live example can be found at http://rvagg.github.com/bootstrap/docs/javascript.html with zero jQueryness.


You can install this directly into an ender build with:

ender build ender-twitter-bootstrap

and you'll get the dependencies packed too.

Alternatively you'll find a build.sh script in the js/ender directory that you can use to build bootstrap-ender.js yourself.


Rod Vagg

(I can't take any credit for of the brilliance of Bootstrap itself, just the humble Ender port)


(Please visit https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap for complete info)

Bootstrap Authors

Mark Otto

Jacob Thornton


Copyright 2011 Twitter, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0