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Grails Struts1 Plugin

This version of the plugin has been updated to work with Grails 2.+ A plug-in that makes Struts 1 ( the default controller/view rendering framework for Grails. Struts is an older first generation framework and this plug-in facilitates migration away from Struts to a modern stack like Grails. If you want to use this with Grails 1.3.x, you must use v1.3.10 of this plugin as Grails 2 introduced breaking changes.

This plugin is useful for others who want to introduce Grails into their old legacy apps to breathe new life into then, and give them a path to move forward without having to start over all at once.

See a demo app I made to try things out at

Original author: Graeme Rocher


The recommended path to use this with Grails 2 is to use existing Struts actions in Java or Groovy, and gradually port them to real Grails controllers. There may be bugs in the ControllerActionProxy, please report issues at or contact Ryan Vanderwerf @


Originally written for Grails 1.3.x by Graeme Rocher 2012 - updated v 1.3.11 to work with Grails 2.x by Ryan Vanderwerf, source ported to new grails repository

Ryan Vanderwerf