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Alexa Skills / Lambda / Groovy example Super Hero Quiz App
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Alexa Skills / Lambda / Groovy example Super Hero Quiz App

Steps to get running:

  • go to AWS console -> Lambda
  • new lambda, set name to match what you have in build.gradle
  • run the 'deploy' task in gradle
  • copy the ARN in upper right corner of your lambda into key for awsApplicationIds
  • go to -> Alexa -> Skills -> Create New Skills
  • create app name, invocation name
  • paste in IntentSchema from /src/main/resources
  • paste in sampleutterances from /src/main/resources
  • put lambda, enter ARN from AWS console, account linking = no
  • put defaults in under privacy
  • save
  • go back to AWS Console - go to dynamoDB
  • set up database, we suggest using import. You'll have to copy the import data from /src/main/resources to an S3 bucket and import from there
  • open app on your alexa device 'open hero quiz'
  • have fun!
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