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A Hugo theme component that allows you to add dynamic tabs in your markdown files.
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Hugo Dynamic Tabs

This shortcodes allows you to easily add tabs to your markdown files. There is no hardcoded limit to the number of tab groups you can have or the amount of tabs in a tab group.

Please note, both shortcodes use Bootstrap Tabs but can be changed to fit your needs.

How to Install

Theme Component

  1. First clone this Git repo git clone themes/hugo-dynamic-tabs.
  2. In your config.yaml or config.toml file, add the following to your theme list variable,hugo-dynamic-tabs. Please note,hugo-dynamic-tabs needs to be listed before your actual theme.

config.yaml Example

theme: ["hugo-dynamic-tabs", "my-theme"]

config.toml Example

theme = ["hugo-dynamic-tabs", "my-theme"]

Manual Install

  1. Copy or download the two shortcodes files located in layouts/shortcodes.
  2. Place both shortcodes in your project's layouts/shortcodes folder.

How to Use

You need at least one nested tab shortcode inside the tabs shortcode for this theme component to properly work. Please see the Shortcodes Explanation section for information on what each variable does.

{{< tabs tabTotal="1" tabID="1" tabName1="Tab 1" >}}
{{< tab tabNum="1" >}}

**Tab 1 Content**

{{< /tab >}}
{{< /tabs >}}

The following is an example of a Hugo Dynamic Tabs being used with multiple nested tab shortcodes.

{{< tabs tabTotal="3" tabID="1" tabName1="Tab 1" tabName2="Tab 2" tabName3="Tab 3" >}}
{{< tab tabNum="1" >}}

**Tab 1 Content**

{{< /tab >}}
{{< tab tabNum="2" >}}

**Tab 2 Content**

{{< /tab >}}
{{< tab tabNum="3" >}}

**Tab 3 Content**

{{< /tab >}}
{{< /tabs >}}

Shortcodes Explanation

Hugo Dynamic Tabs uses two shortcodes each with their own user-defined variables that generate each tab group and each individual tab within that group.


This is the parent shortcodes that wraps around all nested tab shortcodes in the tab group and generates the tab navigation.

Variable Description
tabTotal This variable is used to generate the tab navigation. Simply set it to the amount of tab shortcodes you have. In the above example, since there are three nested tab shortcodes, you would set tabTotal to three.
tabID This variable is used to assign a unique number to the tab group allowing you to have multiple tab groups with the same values for tabNameX. Please note, each tab group must have its own unique number.
tabNameX This variable is used to generate each tab header based on how many nested tab shortcodes there are. Where X in the is the next sequential number, always starting at one. In the above example, there are three nested tab shortcodes so tabName1, tabName2 & tabName3 were added.


This is a child shortcode that is nested in the tabs shortcodes. Each tab shortcode equals one tab so add as many as you need. Please note, make sure tabTotal in the tabs shortcode is equal to the amount of tab shortcodes you use.

Variable Description
tabNum This variable relates directly to the tab's number and should always start at one. In the above example, there are three nested tab shortcodes with tabNum starting at one and ending at three

Common Issues

One or Multiple Tabs are not Being Displayed Properly
  • Make sure tabTotal is equal to the total amount of tab shortcodes you have.
  • Make sure tabNameX exists for each tab shortcode in the tabs shortcode.
  • Make sure your nested tab shortcodes tabNum are in sequential order.
Multiple Tab Groups Changing With a Single Click
  • Make sure each tab group has a unique tabID.


1.11 - May 3rd, 2019

  • Updated
  • Converted into theme component.

1.10 - April 26th, 2019

  • Added a new variable, tabID that allows multiple tab groups on the same page to have the same value for tabNameX.

1.00 - April 26th, 2019

  • Initial Release


Copyright ©2019, Richard Van Horn.

Thanks to the Hugo team for making this possible!

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