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Movie Reminder.xcodeproj
Movie Reminder


Movie Reminder

Third-party code
Facebook SDK in the Facebook group in the project directory


Now Playing Tab / Coming Soon Tab / My Favorites Tab
- Select table cell to open details view
- Shake gesture in any of these views opens the details of a random movie 
in from their respective tables.

My Reminders Tab
- Select table cell to see event details view
- Click on Edit to change or delete the movie event

Movie Details View
- Scroll the lower table view controller to see movie details
- Click on the website link (if available) to see browser
- Click on the thumbnail image to trigger image view to view enlarged movie poster
- Click on "Add Favorite" to add movies to favorites (shows up in My Favorites)
- Click on "Add Reminder" to add a reminder (shows up in My Reminders)
- Reminders show up in the iPhone Calendar application
- Changes/removal of events in the Calendar application are mirrored in Movie Reminder through event store notifications
- Click on "Watch Trailer" to view trailer (the video may not be accurate, since I only have a few iTunes trailers).
- Click on the "Actions" button on the navigation bar to bring up more actions
- Click on "Post on Facebook" to trigger Facebook post sequence
- Click on "Tweet on Twitter" to see Twitter post view
- Click on "Find Playing Nearby" (only works on Now Playing movies) to see a map view of surrounding theatres playing the movie
- Click on "Make Word Cloud" to bring up the word cloud view

Movie Map View
- Click on annotation to see theatre details
- Click on callout accessory to see theatre details
- Click on "Directions to here"/"Directions from here" to trigger iPhone maps

Movie Word Cloud View
- Shake gesture randomizes the word cloud
- Click on "Actions" button on the navigation bar
- Click on "Shake!" to randomize word cloud
- Click on "Save to Photos" to add screenshot to photo album
- Click on "Email to Friend" to trigger mail composition view

iOS Features Used
- UITableViewController
- UIImageView
- UIScrollView
- UITabBarController
- EventKit/EKEventEditViewController
- MapKit
- CoreLocation
- CGContext
- UIResponder
- UISearchBar 
- TWTweetComposeViewController
- UIActionSheet
- UIWebView
- UISharedApplication (Maps/Phone/Network Activity)
- MediaPlayer
- CoreData
- MFMailComposeViewController
- UIGraphicsImageContext
- NSXMLParser
- NSNotificationCenter