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A theme port for Pelican based on Ghostwriter by Rory Gibson. This theme has been created with passion. I took it upon me to port this wonderfull, amazing and sexy theme to Pelican. You can find a screenshot at the bottom of this readme.


These instructions will get you up and running with this theme in no time. Most of the following steps are applicable to setting up Pelican with any theme.

First we clone the repository to our computer. My personal preference is to store themes in the ~/pelican-themes/ folder. It is easily accessible and it keeps your themes together nicely.

cd ~/pelican-themes
git clone

I assume you've already setup your Pelican blog. You can refer to the official quickstart guide if you haven't before continuing to the next step.

There are two ways to make use of this theme. You can pass the theme's location as an argument to the pelican content command.

pelican content -t '~/pelican-themes/pelican-ghostwriter'

or add the THEME option to your config file.

THEME = '~/pelican-themes/pelican-ghostwriter'

After it has generated your blog it should show up! Happy writing!

Modify to taste

I made some changes to the theme that are purely to personal taste. To modify you can start gulp watch that will check if you've made changes to sass files. When you do it will automatically compile the files and put them in the right directory.

Simple re-run pelican content to embed your changes to your blog.

You should also check templates/base.html if you want to change the main font. I'm using Rokkitt from Google fonts, change it here if you want to change this to something else, then head over to sass/partials/typography.scss to change the font name respectivly. Don't forget to run gulp watch before you start.

Build with

  • Atom - Github's Editor for code
  • Gulp - Automating my process
  • Sass - Making styling easier
  • Google Fonts - Rokkitt and Open Sans

Special Thanks


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


Screenshot of the Theme


A port for Pelican of Ghostwriter by JollyGoodThemes.




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