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// Copyright 2012-2018, Rolf Veen and contributors.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package ogdl
import (
// Parser embeds Lexer and holds some state
type Parser struct {
Lexer // Buffered byte and rune readed
ev *SimpleEventHandler // The output (event) stream
// NewParser return a new Parser from a Reader
func NewParser(rd io.Reader) *Parser {
p := Parser{}
p.rd = rd
p.lastByte = bufSize
p.buf = make([]byte, bufSize)
p.ev = &SimpleEventHandler{}
p.r = -1
return &p
// NewBytesParser returns a new Parser from a byte array
func NewBytesParser(buf []byte) *Parser {
return NewParser(bytes.NewBuffer(buf))
// Graph returns the parser tree
func (p *Parser) Graph() *Graph {
return p.ev.Tree()
// Handler returns the event handler being used
func (p *Parser) Handler() *SimpleEventHandler {
return p.ev
// FromBytes parses OGDL text contained in a byte array. It returns a *Graph
func FromBytes(b []byte) *Graph {
p := NewParser(bytes.NewBuffer(b))
return p.Graph()
// FromString parses OGDL text from the given string. It returns a *Graph
func FromString(s string) *Graph {
p := NewParser(bytes.NewBuffer([]byte(s)))
return p.Graph()
// FromStringTypes parses OGDL text from the given string. It returns a *Graph.
// Basic types found in the string are converted to their correspongind Go types
// (either string | int64 | float64 | bool).
func FromStringTypes(s string) *Graph {
p := NewParser(bytes.NewBuffer([]byte(s)))
return p.Graph()
// FromReader parses OGDL text coming from a generic io.Reader
func FromReader(r io.Reader) *Graph {
p := NewParser(r)
return p.Graph()
// FromFile parses OGDL text contained in a file. It returns a Graph
func FromFile(s string) *Graph {
b, err := ioutil.ReadFile(s)
if err != nil || len(b) == 0 {
return nil
buf := bytes.NewBuffer(b)
p := NewParser(buf)
return p.Graph()