Package that adds context menu item to project manager to set or update the lib suffix for the current version.
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If you must maintain one package for several different versions of Delphi, then the usual way is to have a new project for each version with a different {$LIBSUFFIX } for the current version, i.e. for Tokyo, the lib suffix is 250, for Berlin it is 240, etc.

It would be ideal, if we could have a {$LIBSUFFIX AUTO}, so we could have a single package source and the IDE would add an appropriate suffix. I tried using an include file with something like:


and so on, and put that in the package source, but any change to the package would make the IDE remove that and use the suffix (if any) it found in the .dproj file. If I put it back in, the compiled package (let's call it MyPackage.dpk) would indeed have that suffix (i.e. be compiled to MyPackage250.bpl), but the IDE was not aware of that, and would complain it could not install MyPackage.bpl.

This problem is not new. It has been discussed various times on several forums and communities. On Stack Overflow, someone (called LaKraven) set out to create a wizard to solve this, but it can't be found anymore. All the websites that supposedly have it are up for grabs.

So I (re-)wrote this simple wizard myself. It adds a menu item to the project manager, with the title "Add Version Suffix", under the "Rename" context menu item. This allows you to set the lib suffix for a package to the suffix that is generally used for this version, so '250' for Tokyo, '240' for Berlin, etc.

Actually, this could be done automatically too, but not everyone wants that for every package, so now you have to change the suffix manually.


I only tested this in Delphi 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin and 10.2 Tokyo, but it probably works in older versions as well.


Just open the package AutoSuffix.dproj in your IDE, select the project in the Project Manager and Select the Install menu item from the context menu. If all is well, this installs the expert and adds one menu item to the context menu of the Project Manager: Add Version Suffix, under the Rename item. This menu item only appears if the project is a package.


File Contents
.gitignore Git ignores the files in this file
AddAutoSuffixProjectMenu.pas The main wizard that adds the menu item and sets the suffix
AutoSuffix.dpk The compiler project file
AutoSuffix.dproj The MSBUILD project file
AutoSuffix.res The resource file for this project The BSD two clause license for this project
OpenTools.LocalMenus.pas A stub implementation for IOTALocalMenu The readme for this project