Command line tools: cal, echoc, exact, slack, whereis
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Command line tools

In the years I have been programming, I have written many command line tools. Most of them were useful but have been superseded by tools that came with the operating system. But some have survived, and so I kept them. I want to share some of them with you.

A tool which prints the calendar for one or more months to the screen.
A simple tool to display a string in different colours.
A tool that converts all line endings of a text file to a specified style or to the default for the platform.
A tool to show the exact values of floating point variables in single, double and extended precision and in hex.
A tool which calculates the disk space wasted, because of cluster size, on the files in a certain directory.
A tool which tries to find which executable (or executables) will be called if you enter its name on the command line.

More about these tools on my web pages.