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Just changed your code comments into edoc comments and added some specs.
Also made erlog available as a rebar dependency.

You might want to checkout my fork of the project (the gh-pages branch) to see how the documentation can be made available on github ( ).

Cool project though, now I just need an excuse to use Prolog :)


I think this is a good start. I must point out that I am not really an edoc fan, adding all that user documentation into the code files tends to make it more difficult to see the code. At least I think so. Though in some modules here it would be ok. This also means that I am not really edoc savvy so some comments may just reflect my ignorance. Anyway some comments:

  • Would it be possible to get the user_guide.txt into edoc format as well. It is outside any module so would it go in overview.edoc?

  • Some modules are purely "internal" and shouldn't be documented in this way, for example erlog_int.erl and erlog_parse.erl. They are modules only for erlog implementers and not users.

  • Some modules are just examples and needn't be documented in this way, for example erlog_demo.erl and user_pl.erl.

  • erlog_scan.erl is autogenerated from erlog_scan.xrl so it should not be edoc'd. It should really be in .gitignore so it is not copied and generated each time.

  • Some things seemed not to end up in the html files, at least I could not find them, from erlog.erl and erlog_shell.erl.

  • Could you put it into branch other than master so I can pull it, check it properly and then merge into my develop branch which I then merge into master? This is my standard way of handling branches, though it is not really noticeable here.

Some a bit nitpicky perhaps, but I like the idea.



Without nitpicking there would be no great products :)

All of your concerns are valid and I'll get rid of the 'not to be documented' modules from the doc generation as well as fix the other things you mentioned.
I'll just close this pull request and send you another one for a new branch.

@nisbus nisbus closed this Jan 4, 2013
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