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Like the popular falling block game, but flatter and less fun.


This is a FRP reimplementation of a little game I wrote a long time ago.

The original was written in C++ using OpenGL.

This version is written in Haskell using SVG in a web browser, via the Reflex FRP library.

Play online


Building with nix and GHC:

nix-shell --run "cabal configure && cabal build"

Building with nix ghcjs:

nix-shell --argstr compiler ghcjs --run "cabal configure --ghcjs && cabal build"

Full site build with minification (uses nix-shell and Shake). Will create a docs directory:


Note that the build depends on the Reflex Platform environment. You will want to check that ./try-reflex works first. Make sure the binary cache for reflex is added to your Nix config, or your computer will be building a lot of packages.


If you build for GHC, the app will run in a WebKitGtk frame. The code can be loaded and started through ghci.

For automatic reloading, the app runs a web server and is viewed with a web browser. It uses ghcid to monitor the sources and reload the code.

To start the auto-reloading dev server (do this within nix-shell):


Then visit http://localhost:3030/