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rvm_install_ruby_threads should fallback to 1 #46

jcsrb opened this Issue · 4 comments

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when installing ruby to MacOS during cap deploy:setup, "$(cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep vendor_id | wc -l)" fails and returns 0, therefore rvm refuses to compile ruby with the -j0 flag

One workaround would be:

set :rvm_install_ruby_threads, "$(CPUCORECOUNT=$(cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep vendor_id | wc -l) && echo $(( CPUCORECOUNT == 0 ? 1 : CPUCORECOUNT )))"

but it is probably a better way to ensure rvm_install_ruby_threads>0 in capistrano.rb#L170
maybe a simple ternary?

#{rvm_install_ruby_threads==0 ? 1 : rvm_install_ruby_threads}

or maybe just add this to the readme

set :rvm_install_ruby_threads, 1  #if you get a "cat: /proc/cpuinfo: No such file or directory" error

and I was tweeting yesterday that I do not recall anyone deploying not on linux ;) will fix it shortly.


mine is a staging system, but you are right 99.9% will be linux / freebsd deploys

@mpapis mpapis closed this in 30e9287

released as 1.3.0.rc6


thanks, looking good, better then my proposals :)

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