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Welcome to the RVM Site Documentation

You can see the documentation live online at

Quick corrections

For small changes like single wording fixes it is enough to use Github builtin editor, navigate to, find the page to fix and press the Edit button, try to give meaningful description so it is easier to understand why this change is needed.

Get the Site Running Locally

If you're going to help you'll first need to get the site running locally. Start by forking the repository and cloning the fork.


The site requires that you have at least ruby 2.0.0-p0 running in your environment, currently used version is listed in Gemfile

You can do this with RVM by typing the following at the command line:

rvm use . --install --create

rvm-site requires a few gems that can be found in Gemfile, including:

To install the gemset file, use

bundle install

Getting it Running

If you are in RVM and have 2.0.0 already running, simply clone this repository and cd to the directory. The project .rvmrc will be loaded and you can open in your editor and start hacking away.

If you would like to view the changes locally as you hack, use nanoc-guard:

# in window/tab 1
# in window/tab 2
nanoc view

I tis required to reload page after changing code.

Validating site links integrity with Nanoc:

rake test

Update Submission

Once you are satisfied with your changes to the documentation push it back to your Github fork and initiate a pull request.


Thanks for taking the time to work on the RVM documentation project!

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