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∴ rvm wrapper [ruby_string] [wrapper_prefix] [binary[ binary[ ...]]]
Where ruby_string is the ruby version and gemset combination to wrap,
wrapper prefix is what to prepend to the name of the generated wrapper
binaries and binaries is the names of the binaries you wish to provide
a wrapper for (e.g. gem).
When no binaries are provided, rvm will by default generate wrappers for
ruby, gem, rake, irb, rdoc, ri, and testrb.
If you wish to provide an environment-specific wrapper for rspec with a
rails 3 gemset, you could do:
∴ rvm --create ree@rails3
∴ rvm wrapper ree@rails3 r3 spec
Which would add r3_spec with the specified environment to your the bin
directory where you installed rvm.
Alternatively, if you do:
∴ rvm wrapper ruby-1.9.2-head
It will create binaries named ruby,gem, rake, irb, rdoc, ri and tesrb
in the rvm bin directory.
Finally, to show another real and common use, you can use wrapper
to generate ruby executables and gems for passenger to use. Namely:
∴ rvm use ree@rails3 --passenger
is equivelant to:
∴ rvm use ree@rails3
∴ rvm wrapper ree@rails3 passenger
Which creates passenger_* binaries in the rvm bin directory using
ree and the rails3 gemset.
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