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∴ rvm exec some-command
Executes arbitrary commands against rvm set operations. If given a set that
matches a single ruby command, it will exec the command directly without printing
out extra rvm information.
To execute 'ruby -v' against all installed rubies and aliases, you would run:
∴ rvm exec ruby -v
If you instead want to execute it against a specific ruby (without extra logging
/ data printed by rvm as is done with normal set operations), you can instead do:
∴ rvm ree exec ruby -v
Since it is a set operation, normal ruby specifiers will work. As an example, to run
it against 1.9.2 and 1.8.7, you would run:
∴ rvm 1.9.2,1.8.7 exec ruby -v
Or, to execute 'gem env' against all gemsets:
∴ rvm --with-rubies all-gemsets exec gem env
To execute 'which ruby' in the current directory, loading a .rvmrc and falling back
to the default ruby:
∴ rvm --with-rubies default-with-rvmrc exec which ruby
For more information, look up the rvm set operations.
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