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= RVM History, thanks be to Git.
+== Release 1.7.1
+* Remove playful jab.
+* Merge pull request #369 from thinkerbot/vbox-test
+* added vm test scaffold
+* Merge pull request #368 from benmoss/patch-1
+* Fix some typos
+* I have to stop doing so many things at once. ... Nah... who am I fooling? :)
+== Release 1.7.1
+* Merge branch 'master' of
+* Rake is now stable at 0.9.2, good default there.
+* Perhaps this will help solidus-river.
+* Merge pull request #366 from deryldoucette/master
+* Made NOTE: part green as well just to ensure people see it.
+* Fixed and color coded per-project rvmrc example.
+* Added information to 'rvm notes' about the >= 1.7.0 per-project .rvmrc toggle.
+* Account for Lion default clang in packages also.
+* Bugfix for zsh, array indexing differences are always good for a certain kind of chuckle.
+* Turns out we already had a History.txt file :)
+* Merge pull request #365 from burningTyger/rdoc
+* rdoc instead of markdown
+* space cadet.
+* The redundency bothered me.
+* On long reflection, 90% of the issues I have seen are to do with rvm_path setting. If you are root, /usr/local/rvm If you are a user, $HOME/.rvm
== Release 1.7.0
* Since this is not read anyway, I might as well have some fun with it!
* Default rvm_project_rvmrc to off, set rvm_project_rvmrc=1 in ~/.rvmrc to enable. Oh wow, you mean you could toggle it??? Yes. Always could. Wow I should have asked!! Yes... yes you should have... Amazing how much you learn by simply asking a question...

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