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Updated man page to reflect 'do' command.

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1 parent 917c558 commit a71989202eb749c6eacec1d536a52fa43096617f Deryl R. Doucette committed Oct 11, 2011
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@@ -188,6 +188,11 @@ Setup current shell to use a specific ruby version\&.
Reload rvm source itself (useful after changing rvm source)\&.
+.RS 4
+Executes the command against either all or a listed subset of rubies. eg. rvm do gem --version ; rvm 1.8.7,1.9.2 do rake --version
.RS 4
Displays information about an environment specified but the given ruby string\&. Useful for getting a sourceable path or an evaluatable set of shell variable declarations\&.

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