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Advise users to get head often via 'rvm update --head'.

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1 parent fcccc0a commit b1d2687d53c141ae34a433b29fa0a9545c179744 @wayneeseguin wayneeseguin committed Feb 25, 2010
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@@ -168,6 +168,7 @@ echo -e "\nThank you for using rvm. I hope that it makes your work easier and mo
echo -e "If you have any questions, issues and/or ideas for improvement please hop in #rvm on and let me know."
echo -e "My irc nickname is 'wayneeseguin' and I hang out from ~09:00-17:00EST and again from ~21:00EST-~00:00EST."
echo -e "If I do not respond right away, please hang around after asking your question, I will respond as soon as I am back."
+echo -e "Be sure to get head often as rvm development happens fast, you can do this by typing 'rvm update --head'."
echo -e "\n w$(tput setaf 2)⦿‿⦿$(tput sgr0)t!"
echo -e "\n ~ Wayne"
echo -e "\n********************************************************************************"

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