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Fix for wrong working dir showed on prompt when project .rvmrc is loa…

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1 parent 5bef125 commit c15ef56d74731eaf46b7d1a7df43ec1ac7aaec35 @marano marano committed with wayneeseguin Jul 3, 2010
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@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ if [[ "$rvm_project_rvmrc" -ne 0 ]] ; then
source "$cwd/.rvmrc"
+ cwd=$(dirname "$cwd")

5 comments on commit c15ef56


As best as I can tell, this did not fix the "~rvm_rvmrc_cwd" issue for me.


do you use oh-my-zsh heimidal?

we finally worked out the fix to the bug - it seems there is an option (that oh-my-zsh sets
by default) that means zsh uses any variable with the current absolute path as the name
in the prompt. The fix is simple: add 'unsetopt auto_name_dirs' to your zshenv / comment
out the setopt for it in the existing oh-my-zsh files.


I forgot to mention - I plan on adding docs to the site for this shortly explaining the fix.


Sorry, after some time this solution stopped to work and I realize this wasn't the correct fix.
Thanks Sutto, now zsh is displaying the directory properly ;)

Ruby enVironment Manager member

OK. I've backed this out now. It essentially didn't do anything because of the break that is next.

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