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Check for existance before grepping.

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1 parent b206cc7 commit cdea1abae7666ec3594276b901c3876008fd3ace @wayneeseguin wayneeseguin committed Feb 26, 2010
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@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ if [[ "root" != "$(whoami)" ]] ; then
echo -e "\n4) Then $(tput setaf 1)CLOSE THIS SHELL$(tput sgr0) and open a new one in order to use rvm.\n"
-if grep '&& return' ~/.bashrc ; then
+if [[ -s $HOME/.bashrc ]] && grep '&& return' $HOME/.bashrc ; then
echo -e "\n\nWARNING: you have a 'return' statement in your .bashrc, likely this will cause untold havoc. Please remove it and refactor your profiles to be correct. If you have questions about this please visit #rvm on\n\n"

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