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Rehash binaries on switch, forcing it to forget seen executables / lo…

…okup new path
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1 parent d28bff5 commit f6473f29458d60201c47cf65ae7dde465ef0adfc @Sutto Sutto committed Aug 22, 2010
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@@ -338,6 +338,8 @@ __rvm_use() {
+ # Rehash executable locations, e.g. to force the shell to recognize new items in the path.
+ builtin hash -r
rvm_hook="after_use" ; source $rvm_scripts_path/hook

3 comments on commit f6473f2

Sutto commented on f6473f2 Aug 25, 2010

For future reference, this was only part of the problem - and not really that much of a solution.

More relevant for the issue paneq mentions (and discussed in Yehuda's excellent blog post) are
ee8aee6 and 8940cac - although
the latter may be unneeded).

paneq commented on f6473f2 Aug 25, 2010

It required quite a lot of work to fix it. However its beyond my imagination how to write tests that can check against such cases :-)

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