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jRuby-head does not install #1227

Paladin opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Tried to upgrade from jRuby 1.6.3 to jruby-head

Here's a transcript from the console:

Moving gemsets...
Moving jruby-1.6.3 to jruby-head
Making gemset jruby-head pristine.
Error running '' under ,
please read /Users/arlenwalker/.rvm/log//gemset.pristine.log
Moving jruby-1.6.3@global to jruby-head@global
Making gemset jruby-head@global pristine.
Error running '' under ,
please read /Users/arlenwalker/.rvm/log//gemset.pristine.log
Do you wish to move over aliases? (Y/n): Y
Do you wish to move over wrappers? (Y/n): Y
Do you also wish to completely remove jruby-1.6.3 (inc. archive)? (Y/n): Y

this gist is log file:

Both jruby-1.6.8 and jruby-1.7.0RC2 installed fine, just the upgrade had an issue

Running MacBookPro OSX 10.8.2
rvm 1.6.12 (master)


seams similar / related to #1221


It might be but from the log it looked like it was more related to something about the directory "jruby-head/lib/ruby/site_ruby" than the gemsets themselves. Like It wasn't able to properly do jruby than one of the gems. If it's a duplicate, I apologize for making the extra work.


no problem, all issues should be reported, I made the above note to keep an eye on second when checking first of them.


please verify you experience the same problem after:

rvm get head
@mpapis mpapis was assigned

it's over a month with no response - closing, let me know if I can do anything more here

@mpapis mpapis closed this
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