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Installing rbx-head in zsh hangs at '#configuring' with 100% CPU (on rvm head) #1249

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I'm on OSX 10.8.2 using Zsh - I'm on RVM head and when I try to install rbx-head it hangs indefinitely at the '#configuring' stage. A quick look at the --trace around that point is posted below.

I am able to install rbx-head just fine by firing up bash.

/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/logging:90 rvm_log:3 thenprintf %b 'rbx-head - #configuring\n'
rbx-head - #configuring
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:92 __rvm_log_command:8 shift 2
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:93 __rvm_log_command:9 _command=( ) 
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:94 __rvm_log_command:10 _command_start='' 
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:95 __rvm_log_command:11 while((  0  ))
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:98 __rvm_log_command:14 _command_name='' 
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:100 __rvm_log_command:16 [[ ! "${_command_start}" -regex-match "=" ]]
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:101 __rvm_log_command:17 ((  0 == 0  ))
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:103 __rvm_log_command:19 _log=/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/log/rbx-head/configure.log 
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:105 __rvm_log_command:21 [[ -d /Users/rjsamson/.rvm/log/rbx-head ]]
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:106 __rvm_log_command:22 [[ -f /Users/rjsamson/.rvm/log/rbx-head/configure.log ]]
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:114 __rvm_log_command:30 pipetee /Users/rjsamson/.rvm/log/rbx-head/configure.log
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:108 __rvm_log_command:24 cursh cmdsubstdate '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:114 __rvm_log_command:30 pipe pipervm_debug_stream
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/logging:81 rvm_debug_stream:2 ((  0  ))
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/logging:81 rvm_debug_stream:2 cmdorreturn 0
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:108 __rvm_log_command:24 curshprintf %b '[2012-10-21 16:19:24] \n'
/Users/rjsamson/.rvm/scripts/functions/utility:109 __rvm_log_command:25 cursh ifis_a_function ''

actually your cut of log does not show what really happen, the issue is that the configuration task was called without any command, and this could be only diagnosed with whole log, please gist it


Sure - here's the full log:

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