rvm install jruby apparently gets something wrong #1254

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sigil66 commented Oct 22, 2012

With code from branch master:

.rvm/scripts/list: line 321: /Users/zschneider/.rvm/rubies/jruby-1.7.0/config: No such file or directory
jruby-1.7.0 [ ]
/Users/zschneider/.rvm/scripts/list: line 321: /Users/zschneider/.rvm/rubies/jruby-1.7.0.RC2/config: No such file or directory
jruby-1.7.0.RC2 [ ]

This occurs when running rvm list on OS X after freshly installing any jruby version.

At a guess related to this commit: a41ede1

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scheduled for 1.16.17

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Hmm, I'm getting the same error message on rvm 1.16.17 (stable) after installing jruby-1.6.8 (both with and without --1.9 flag). Any idea on what might be wrong?

Debug info:

Edit: I resolved my issue by disabling nailgun with chmod -x ~/.rvm/hooks/after_use_jruby - hopefully it won't cause any other issues by not executing ~/.rvm/scripts/functions/hooks/jruby. Is there a better way to avoid nailgun? It has caused me lots of issues and if I could bleach it from existence I would.

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mpapis commented Oct 26, 2012

@abevoelker there was old tracing code, could you provide a new trace after rvm get head?

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@mpapis Sorry about not getting back to you, this issue occurred on a development machine we have that is really brittle, and I'm a little nervous about doing an rvm get head on it as we have some important in-house apps running on there. If you'd still like a bug report on this I can request a clone of the VM, but it will take a bit of time. I'm pretty sure that nailgun was the source of the problem.


mpapis commented Nov 1, 2012

@abevoelker the bug seams to be already fixed, you might have a different issue, please open a new issue when you have time to reproduce it

@mpapis Sounds good. Thanks!

mpapis added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 6, 2012

I just got this same message (the config file doesn't exist) after installing jruby-1.7.0 on a brand new machine after installing a clean copy of RVM


mpapis commented Nov 25, 2012

@bsbodden please open a new issue and include a gist of your outputs of installing jruby and the error

Update, if you install jruby via rvm on a new mac (they don't come with Java preinstalled). OS/X detects the call to the JVM and prompts you to install one (automagically) but even if that install succeeds. The config directory doesn't get created. Uninstalled jruby-1.7.0, reinstalled and all is good with the universe now. Thanks @mpapis for caring!


mpapis commented Nov 26, 2012

@bsbodden rvm does the check for java ... is there a way to gist the output of the initial installation?

Crap, sorry. Long gone.

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