Avoid 2.0.0 as a default #1752

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When re-installing RVM, I was surprised to find 2.0.0 being the default Ruby. It's no big deal to follow up with a rvm install 1.9.3 to get back to normal, and I understand that you can't move forward by coddling people stuck on old versions, but given that 2.0.0 is only six or seven weeks old at this moment, it seems a little headstrong to start advocating for 2.0.0 via RVM's default behavior right now.

Going back to 1.9.3-HEAD as the default MRI version may avoid more surprises along the lines of #1732, #1731, #1698, #1667, #1665.

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2.0 is the latest stable release.

While the stability of ruby releases is a matter of some debate, it's the most reasonable decision in my opinion.


RVM's behavior always has been and always will be (unless @mpapis changes it) to use the latest stable as @richo already said and I agree with his opinion. It has nothing to do with being "headstrong" as you so easily brand it. It simply has to do with what has always been the behavior of RVM... that is why we give you the option to select the ruby you would like. Edit: and even the option to select your default Ruby.


Nothing but love for RVM -- I'm sure my complaining is a case of kids on my lawn.

Feel free to close if this isn't a bug.

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  • #1665 is RVM+ZSH not Ruby
  • #1667 does not have to be 2.0.0 related
  • #1698 is most likely oh-my-zsh issue not ruby-2.0.0 related
  • #1731 seams ruby issue but could be avoided by using a bit more autodetection
  • #1732 this seems to be the only breaking point and might be related to curl API change or bugs

ok got 3 voices to close it (counting me in), in case you prefer other ruby just use:

\curl -L https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable --ruby=1.9.3 --autolibs=enabled

If you hit any issues with Ruby please report it to either MRI => http://bugs.ruby-lang.org/ or RVM => https://github.com/wayneeseguin/rvm/issues

@mpapis mpapis closed this Apr 1, 2013
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