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file: BUGS
title: tacppd bugs
possible problem on FreeBSD system - where time_t = int. Some problem with function overload.
when you send command "help" into CLI, then it shows help
information, but close CLI session after that, looks like problem
that this command is last command in CLI data XML file
#200306171844 - fixed now
sometime tacppd very fast eat all memory, looks like to
uncondicional cycle with memory occupation.
It can be after start, but can be after several days.
* problem was in use gethostbyname() function in multithread
environment. The situation can occures in unplanned manner.
ipaddr.h now uses thread safe call gethostbyname_r
I test this issue several days with debugger without problems.
some memory leak, i guess. It working some time, and in several
cases i see that it uses more and more memory. The memory using
is increase not fast and in some cases it doesn't visible.
- i guess, that this leak can occur into (tacacs+ code),
i just fixed it, but will test it, not shure.
problem with executing Perl files from http server if Perl compiled
with multithreading support (i think, not sure). Call run_perl()
freeze process and do not return output.
Perl library used: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i686-linux-thread-multi/CORE/
when tacppd working in bundle and new member add to bundle,
old member start occupy CPU resources. Possible bug with
bundle start packet processing.