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NOTE: installation from binary packages while no a perfect way -
a proper process of maintaining binary packages uncomplete
So recommended way - compile from the sources
Check and install third-party libraries if you do not have it
net-snmp library from
(very often already installed, search some of
libsnmp.a,,libnetsnmp.a, files)
I recommend compile it as shared library (--enable-shared)
Expat xml parser library from
(already installed on most modern systems)
Also you need libdes library. Usually it installed on most systems.
Libdes is now shipped with SSLeay. Primary ftp site
Also libdes you can get from
I have reports about problems with Perl 5.005_03, so test your
Perl with 'perl --version' and set something newer. Or don't use
key --with-perl and don't wait for web-control system work.
for Solaris you must to have libstdc++ installed, for compile from sources
see a set of packages from http:://
You will need in ucd-snmp, expat, g++
Also sometimes you will need in dynamic linker configuration,
use 'crle' utility with caution. Commonly you will need add directory where situated with command like
crle -l /usr/lib:/usr/local/lib
also very often you will need in add PostgreSQL's shared lib into
Solaris shared libs paths, so this command can be used as
crle -l /usr/lib:/usr/local/lib:/usr/local/pgsql/lib
crle running only from root account
Compile/Install from sources
./configure --help | more
for configuration information
--with-snmp-shared use shared ucd/net-snmp library
--with-perl enable Perl calls support in http server
edit for configure with needed arguments:
./configure --with-pgsql --with-pgsql-prefix=/var/pgsql
on Solaris8 you can have problems with it, if you have, try
to run "autoconf" into "config" subdirectory (you should install
autoconf, m4, gawk, make, gcc and may be some other packages from of from Sun Freeware collection) and retry
"configure" step with key --with-sunfreeware
to compile whole project, do
FreeBSD users must use gmake, so edit and change make to gmake
If you use NET-SNMP 5.0 than you can have errors during compilation
with several words about md5.h file, i think that net-snmp package
don't copy this file during 'make install', you can get net-snmp sources
and copy file from your net-snmp source directory
/include/net-snmp/library/md5.h to place, where installed net-snmp includes
were placed - some like /usr/local/net-snmp/library
Also looking like that this problem was fixed with latest versions.
for make gcc 3.1 happy i have include <sstream> insted <strstream>
and do some steps in autoconf, but i have reports about problems with it.
If you have this problem, review file src/global.h for it
for recompile database modules, do
make dbmodules (or gmake dbmodules)
for recompile snmp modules
make snmpmodules (or gmake snmpmodules)
to install package, do
make install (or gmake install)
make install will not rewrite existed tacppd.conf file - it rewrites
"tacppd.conf.ex" also it create ""
Be careful - config file sintax can be changed during development process!
for first-time installation you should rename "tacpp.conf.ex" to
"tacpp.conf" and do customizations. Also you should set up start
script "": after install you will find
"" for example.
Remember, that you can't use port numbers in listeners configuration
under 1024 if you run tacppd not from root user (this is
recommended - run tacppd from special created user)
Be sure that you have installed access to shared libraries,
for example, to PostgreSQL libraries. For Linux you should have
something like string '/usr/local/pgsql/lib' into your
/etc/ file (do not forget run 'ldconfig')
I have reports from Solaris about errors during linking.
There are 2 types of errors:
1. it cand find crypto functions like DES_key_sched and so on in library
It mean, that libnetsnmp linked with libcrypto.a librery from
OpenSSL package.
You should run configure with key --with-sunfreeware
2. it shows errors about something wrong with Lists, String and some other C++
methods implementation. I see it on gcc 3.4.0 installed on Solaris 9.
The reason was in libstdc++. It uses for linking /usr/local/lib/
This file is symbolic link to library, and it was linked to old version -
libstdc++ vers 5, but gcc 3.4.0 comes with libstdc++ vers 6. So you need
to reestablish symbolic link of to
If you have error like that:
g++: Internal compiler error: program cc1plus got fatal signal 9
than this is problems with optimizer with file (it looks
like too complicated, but i didn't see such error on newer g++ versions),
so copy g++ call string for this file and remove -O2 key, compile it
separately and run make or gmake again
Install from binary package
(this part is expired, no binary packages while)
1. get binary build from ftp or http for appropriate platform
latest build from nightly builds:
where BUILDDATE - this is build date in YYYYMMDD form
latest release build:
where VERSION - build version in form 0.0.0
word "static" means, that binaries statically linked with
Net-Snmp and Expat libraries. For use program with dynamic Net-Snmp library
you should get Net-Snmp from it's homepage
(I should say thanks to this great project) and install it (read throught
it's documentation, you must compile it and install as shared library,
the static library - this is default settings for net-snmp).
And use tacppd package without "static" word.
Expat by default install static and shared library both.
2. untar/ungzip it
if you use GNU tar, then:
tar xvzf tacppd-linux-x86-0.0.1.tgz
if you use system without GNU tar package, rename tacppd package
to have standard .tar.gz extension
mv tacppd-solaris-SPARC-0.0.1.tgz tacppd-solaris-SPARC-0.0.1.tar.gz
and do gunzip and tar:
gunzip tacppd-solaris-SPARC-0.0.1.tar.gz
tar xvpf tacppd-solaris-SPARC-0.0.1.tar
on Fedora Core 4 (and may be on other Fedoras) it can't find libpq during configure process.
I have to investigate it, but the first and very quick workaround:
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
On FC4 you have to install net-snmp-devel package
yum install net-snmp-devel
if you use postgresql, than you have to install postgresql-devel packega
yum install postgresql-devel