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Recent release Release Notes. Generated by rv.
0.0.10 - development
0.0.9 - release
- now in netflow traffic table we add usernames if
source or destination ip address match with active user address
- license changed to BSD style - i think that more free license can be more
- some fixes in CLI
0.0.8 - release
- critical bugfixes
0.0.7 - release
- add xml-db driver from Igor Lyapin, so you can test tacppd
without having sql engine (xml-db uses xml file on disk for store data)
- reduced delays and locks in debug/logging output code
- new generation database support code
- completely rewritten user tracking code
- implemented NetFlow information aggregator - it reduce information
flow for logging, do accumulation for some time with traffic
counters and write to logs only reduced information
- fixed memory leaks in snmp code, also snmp code reaudited and
various bugs fixed
- database tables changes for implement web-enabled tacppd database control
- big changes in CLI implementation from Lsk - new code much simpler and
- share users list across tacppd bundle fixes and improvements, now
this code looks like stable
- tacacs+ stop accounting entries store in database table
- implement cache for database results - reduce database queries
- CGI support in embedded http server
- add Perl-based example of tacppd database management via web (http/admin/webdb),
embedded into tacppd, also can works with Apache/mod_perl
- add Perl-based netflow data database management example
- NetFlow aggregated data writes into database
- do tacacs+ code less memory intensive (create several objects only when
- fixed bugs with wrong threads handling in NetFlow aggregator code
- merge with LPMX project - simple billing system for tacppd
- fixed critical bug with config file parsing
- fixed problems with compiling under Solaris
- netflow users ip addresses db table now moved to internal tacppd db tables
0.0.6 - release
- new XML/Expat based implementation of CLI (command-line interface)
from lsk
- add ICMP polling for test network devices availability
- Perl support implemented in embedded HTTP server
- share information about network devices status (active/inactive)
across tacppd's bundle (with use multicasts), packets encrypted,
with use TIP (Tacppd Interchange Protocol)
- share information about active users across bundle with TIP
- crypted passwords in configfile and in database now encoded in base64
for fix errors where as result of crypto algorythm some symbols
can be not processed by database engine
- TCI (tacppd control interface) implemented for allow external programs
see active users/devices, and do users drop (use TCP connection)
0.0.5a - released
- License changed to GNU GPL
- database format and table names changed, please, recreate tables, and copy information
from old tables to new (no automation tool available for this release)
- extended debug system and more correct division to facilities
- new debug information output added
- new per-symbol command-line interface implementation
- major changes in configuration file format, check it before use
- support for NET-SNMP 5.0 library
- compile with gcc 3.1.1
- database code can create indexes if db engine supports it
- tacacs+ single tcp connection mode
- new UserTrack code - collects information about active users by several methods
0.0.4a - released
- new Debug/Log subsystem (more fast and useful)
- no separate snmp polling thread - all periodic tasks joined
to one process
- changed debugging config file directives for new Debug/Log system
- new format of database drivers
- database subsystem redesign - multiply connections support
- simple user database manipulation via CLI
- integrated NetFlow information collector
- new snmp module format
- changes in database for future one-time passwords support (CryptoCard)