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standard-readme compliant

Bookstore CMS App built using React, Redux and React-Redux. Live Demo

Updated features:

  • User can create an account and authenticate
  • User can have a regular account, an admin account. Only one user is owner
  • Admin users can search books from Google Books API
  • Admin users can add books to the main library
  • Owner user can assign access levels to other users
  • Regular user can search library for books
  • Regular user can add a book to his/her collection
  • Regular user can update the current page being read for each book in his collection
  • Regular user can remove a book from his collection

API Connection

The React application utilizes Google Books API in order for admin users to add books to the libarary.

This application connects to a backend Ruby on Rails API that allows for account creation, book additions to the library and book additions to each user's collection.

Table of Contents

Main Technologies used

  • React
  • Redux
  • React-Redux
  • React-Router-DOM
  • Redux-thunk
  • JWT-decode
  • Axios
  • Jest
  • Enzyme


Follow these steps:

  • clone this repo
  • cd bookstore-react-redux-app
  • yarn install or npm install

IN order to maximize the usage of this application, it is recommended to either build a custom backend API or clone its corresponding backend Ruby on Rails API here


yarn start

Goto localhost:3000



Ryan and Dipto


Ryan and Dipto

PRs accepted.


MIT © 2019 Ryan and Dipto

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