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#Flappy Bird RPX# A RPX Flappy Bird port for WiiU Assest from floppy bird HTML5 and original android game

#Installation# Put the Flappy Bird folder on an SD card in the "install" folder. Use wup installer y mod to install to your NAND or USB. It is recommended to install to USB. Signature patching is required.

#Usage# Press A to begin the Game Press A to jump Press HOME to exit Avoid the pipes and the floor!

#Building# In order to build this application, you need the custom liboGC and portlibs modified/created by dimok. You can find them on the loadiine_gx2 repo ( Simply put the files in your devkit folder and run the Makefile.

#Credits:# dimok - WiiU librabries, dynamic_libs, examples, Homebrew Launcher
Maschell - GX2_Example and coding help
vgmoose - Coding help
pwsincd - Icon
QuarkTheAwesome, dylon99 - Various help and testing
brienj - RPX build