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<title>About es5-spec</title>
li span.note { display: block; }
<h1>Annotated ECMAScript 5</h1>
<p>This repo holds a document that provides an annotated HTML view
of ECMA 262, the
<cite>ECMAScript Language Specification</cite> (5th edition).
The annotations are intended to be collaboratively maintained.</p>
<h2 id="contributing">How to contribute annotations</h2>
<p>If you would like to contribute annotations, here are the
preferred steps:</p>
<ol start="0">
<li>If you don’t have one already, create a
<a href="">GitHub user account</a>.</li>
<li>Use the GitHub Web UI to
<a href=""
>create your own fork of the es5-spec git repository</a>
and check it out to make a local es5-spec workspace.</li>
<li>Create the annotation in your workspace, using the next two
<li>To make an annotation for, for example, section of
the ES5 specification, create a file in the <code>anno</code>
subdirectory of your local es5-spec workspace named
<code>x10.2.1.2.html</code> (note the literal <code>x</code> at
the beginning of the filename.</li>
<li>Add your content to that file. The contents of the file should
be an HTML document fragment (not a complete document—you should
omit the <code>html</code>, <code>head</code>, and
<code>body</code> elements).
<li>Add a copyright statement with your name and e-mail address to the
file.<span class="note">
Note that by adding a copyright statement with your name and e-mail
address to that file, you are agreeing to contribute your annotations
under the terms of the license described in that file.</span></li>
<li>Commit the new annotation and updated
to your local git repository, then push it to your GitHub
es5-spec fork.</li>
<li>Send a
<a href="">GitHub es5-spec pull request</a>
so that your change can be committed into the upstream source.</li>
It is important to note that <cite>Annotated ECMAScript 5</cite>
is <b>not</b> a normative version of the ECMAScript spec. Though
it does include the <b>full text</b> of the spec, it is in fact a
completely <b>non-normative</b> derivative work <i>based on</i>
the spec—strictly for the purpose of explaining the spec and
assisting in its implementation.</p>
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