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JavaScript Basic Route Matcher

A simple route matching / url building utility. Intended to be included as part of a larger routing library.

Sample Usage

// Use routeMatcher to create a reusable route matching function.
var search = routeMatcher("search/:query/p:page");
search.parse("search/gonna-fail") // null (no match)
search.parse("search/cowboy/p5")  // {query: "cowboy", page: "5"}
search.parse("search/gnarf/p10")  // {query: "gnarf", page: "10"}

// But wait, it goes both ways!
search.stringify({query: "bonus", page: "6"}) // "search/bonus/p6"

// You can also pass in a map of per-param validators after the route, each can
// be a RegExp to test against, function that accepts a value (and returns true
// or false) or value to match against.
var user = routeMatcher("user/:id/:other", {
  id: /^\d+$/,
  other: function(value) { return value === "" || value === "foo"; }
user.parse("user/123/abc")  // null (no match)
user.parse("user/foo/")     // null (no match)
user.parse("user/123/")     // {id: "123", other: ""}
user.parse("user/123/foo")  // {id: "123", other: "foo"}

// Note that .stringify doesn't perform any validation. Should it?
user.stringify({id: "abc", other: "xyz"}) // "user/abc/xyz"

// You can pass in a RegExp route, which returns an object with a `captures`
// property, or null if no match. Note that for RegExp routes, the .stringify
// method always returns empty string, because stringification isn't supported.
var users = routeMatcher(/^(users?)(?:\/(\d+)(?:\.\.(\d+))?)?/);
users.parse("gonna-fail")     // null (no match)
users.parse("user")           // {captures: ["user", undefined, undefined]}
users.parse("users")          // {captures: ["users", undefined, undefined]}
users.parse("user/123")       // {captures: ["user", "123", undefined]}
users.parse("user/123..456")  // {captures: ["user", "123", "456"]}


Look at the unit tests.

Release History

Nothing official yet...


Copyright (c) 2011 "Cowboy" Ben Alman
Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.