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Awesome Nodebots Built with Johnny-Five

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Ricardo de Pena @ricardodepena

  • Clawbot: bluetooth bot with a claw, controlled via a ps3 controller video code

Richard Key @busyrich

Andrew Homeyer @andrewhomeyer, Matt Parrish @mattparrish, Nicholas Boll @nicholasboll

  • Missile Command: A rubber band launcher that took down a nodecopter video code

Sara Gorecki [@opheliasdaisies] (

  • A tri-color LED that cycles according to pressure sensor input. video code

Rahul Ravikumar @tikurahul, Bryan Hughes@nebrius

  • Typing Bot (nodebots, jsconf) video

Raquel Vélez @rockbot

  • Manny the Manipulator: A 2-dimensional serial manipulator using forward/inverse kinematics (via vektor) video code

Travis Thieman @thieman

  • Power Glove (OS X Volume Control): video code

Francis Gulotta @reconbot

Tim Walker @timwalker2k

  • An experimental Theremin using a proximity sensor and JavaScript. code

  • A build status light for use within a continuous integration workflow code

Kelly Korevec @korevec

Irene Ros @ireneros

  • Wii Nunchuk Controller for AR Drone (nodecopter event) video code

Chris Williams @voodootikigod

  • Wii Nunchuk Controller for AR Drone (nodecopter event) code

Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen @hgstrp

  • LCD Controller (First successful implementation!!) video code (Became the basis for the LCD constructor!)

Rebecca Murphey @rmurphey

  • Johnny-Five Projects On Github

  • Shift Register Implementation w/ Led Counter Display video code

Jonathan Blanchet @jblanchefr

  • Arduino + Websockets + particles: video code

  • Arduino + Websockets + css change: video code

  • Arduino + potentiometer + particles: video code

Cole Gillespie @theCole

  • Joystick Controlled Google Maps Streetview: video

Kelly Korevec @korevec

Sara Chipps @sarajchipps

  • LEDs that change color based on Twitter sentiment video code

Yusuf Çakmak @yukocan

Control Led's Color with Leap Motion + Arduino Code Vine

Ibnu Triyono @ibnutri

SCARA Drawbot (using 2 sg90s servo) Code