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Touchpad - MPR121

Breadboard for "Touchpad - MPR121"


Fritzing diagram: docs/breadboard/keypad-MPR121.fzz


Run this example from the command line with:

node eg/keypad-MPR121.js
var five = require("johnny-five");
var board = new five.Board();

board.on("ready", function() {
  var touchpad = new five.Touchpad({
    controller: "MPR121"

  ["change", "press", "hold", "release"].forEach(function(eventType) {
    touchpad.on(eventType, function(event) {
      console.log("Event: %s, Target: %s", eventType, event.which);



Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Rick Waldron Licensed under the MIT license. Copyright (c) 2015-2019 The Johnny-Five Contributors Licensed under the MIT license.

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