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Direct Pin controll #87

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Add a pin object for direct controll of a pin rather than i being wrapped in a device specific class.

ps i dont know how useful the attached code is but I thought i may help.


We could do something similar, but I'd rather make a generic Pin class that initializes "pin control instances"


That sounds useful, would it be a good idea if it had access methods as well as emitting events?


So far...

// will guess that this is digital and assume you mean "input" mode until you write something to it, 
// which it will then automatically switch to "output" mode.
var dig = new five.Pin(13);

// Or manually... (it won't be hex like that)
dig.mode( 0x01 );

// set it high...

// set it low...

// ... which also emits a "high" and "low" event...

// will guess that this is analog... same as above.
var ana = new five.Pin("A0");

I'll keep on working on this later tonight.


That looks good, much simpler than I was making it

@rwaldron rwaldron added a commit that closed this issue
@rwaldron Direct Pin control: new five.Pin(#). Closes gh-87
Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
@rwaldron rwaldron closed this in 0358d43
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