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I2C Capability #88

cooltrooper opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Add the ability for I2C communication. Probably would only allow low level communication as devices vary significantly in the commands and addresses required for use.


This is built-in!

this.firmata.sendI2CWriteRequest( address, bytes );

this.firmata.sendI2CReadRequest( address, bytes, callback );

Let me know if this is what you were looking for—if not we can reopen for discussion :)

@rwaldron rwaldron closed this

hey @rwaldron, is there anything for controlling an I2C LCD? Saw this discussion from a few years ago but looks like it was not using I2C.


@devth not yet, but patches welcome! The addition should follow the design pattern used here:, specifically the Device object pattern. Take a look at how the exact same class is used, with the same API for both analog and I2C devices:


Thanks, I'll dig in and see if I can figure something out!



Becareful, this will be a lot of work and will suck you in! Just ask @dtex, he spent nearly 2 months redesigning the Motor class—it's a work of art, with emphasis on work :D


Sounds like fun :)


For any future readers, this.firmata has been moved to


On it's indicated that sendI2CWriteRequest and sendI2CReadRequest functions are both deprecated. Is it also the case for johnny-five ?


Yes, all classes will be migrating to the new API in time

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