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Piezo doesn't work #92

chrusttt opened this Issue · 9 comments

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when trying to turn on Piezo ex, throws exception,
Piezo is undefined.


I have the same issue.


Sorry—I could've sworn I had responded to this!!

The Piezo constructor is intentionally disabled, pending a major amount of refactoring—which I need help with. If either one of you wants to take a stab at fleshing out the Piezo functionality, I'd be forever thankful :D


hacked around with this @ jsconf (emphasis on the hacking) with @pfiller

just mostly getting familiar with johnny-five (and hardware in general) but would like to take a proper stab at it and put in a pull request.


@deshawnbw sounds good—I just landed a patch from @bengillies, so check that out too


I noticed the missing example/documentation for Piezo to. Seeing that this issue is not closed, am I right to assume no proper stab is delivered by either @deshawnbw, @pfiller or @bengillies?

I would like to contribute back by picking up this issue. I have the following plan

  1. Make Piezo work
  2. Make it work idiomatically
  3. Write an example
  4. Write documentation

Without further notice I will start working on it.


Sounds good, but be warned: Piezo needs delayMicroseconds for making tones and there Firmata does not support process blocking operations like delay or delayMicroseconds, so you'll need to figure out if it's possible to do in JS.


Thanks for the heads up. So I will try to solve to problem. I will post my progress in this issue.


Awesome :)


Added a PR with the delayMicroseconds approach using nanotimer

@rwaldron rwaldron closed this in #256
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