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Updated README to use 1.0.2 IDE links #89

wants to merge 3 commits into from

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Also added Windows.

Should this be a link to the googlecode page so the latest ones can just be downloaded there? I like the one-click thing straight from Johnny-five though ... bah. I can do the updates iff'n you want. :)


Thanks for the PR! Quick notes: Johnny-Five doesnt support windows yet—there is an ongoing effort in the issues; can you make these changes in the template file instead, thanks! (it's in tpl/)


Want me to close this one and issue a new PR?

@rwaldron rwaldron referenced this pull request

url updates to readme #90


Nope, just make the changes, commit them and push to your repo, this will update automatically.

Have you confirmed that IDE 1.0.2 compiles and uploads a version of Firmata that correctly works with Johnny-Five? The reason I've left it at 1.0 is because 1.0.1 wasn't working for some people.


Ok, I just need a confirmation that you've tested the 1.0.2 install, as I don't have any boards handy to do so.


Confirmed that the REPL session created and that the LED Flashing example works. Is there another bit that I should check out to ensure that it's working properly?


I think this pull has gone stale, however we do have windows support now =)

@reconbot reconbot closed this
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@@ -192,4 +192,4 @@ _(Nothing yet)_
## License
Copyright (c) 2012 Rick Waldron <>
-Licensed under the MIT license.
+Licensed under the MIT license.
6 tpl/
@@ -29,9 +29,9 @@
- Recommended Starting Kit: [Sparkfun Inventor's Kit](
- Download Arduino IDE
- - [OSX](
- - [Linux 32 bit](
- - [Linux 64 bit](
+ - [OSX](
+ - [Linux 32 bit](
+ - [Linux 64 bit](
- Windows support coming soon.
- Plug in your Arduino or Arduino compatible microcontroller via USB
- Open the Arduino IDE, select: File > Examples > Firmata > StandardFirmata
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