@rwaldron rwaldron released this Oct 26, 2016 · 48 commits to master since this release

Commit Message/Description
3e1c783 v0.10.4
b9b70d2 Compass: improved test coverage
307e3df Add @andrewn, @shimnex contributors
a78a941 Button: tests for explicit pulldown constructor property
5d9a462 LCD: add test for memory leak fix
732e038 Examples: fix LCD built-in characters
6c3d11b Examples: regenerate
387b404 Readme: add example count to readme
5bf8b97 Examples: update all to use multiline @markdown wrappers
2660040 Motor: TB6612FNG example program (w/ Tessel 2)
814da93 Update lcd.js
fd1e242 Update lcd.js
07a4ec2 Update lcd.js
6f8def6 Use more then 8 predefined characters
5eaddee Led.RGB: Fix example "LED - Rainbow" (#1239)
c8652f5 Add @nullvariable to contributors
136fbcd remove controller alias for HD44780 (#1238)
810d922 Add support for enabling built-in pull-down resistor



@rwaldron rwaldron released this Oct 14, 2016 · 69 commits to master since this release

Commit Message/Description
421da72 v0.10.3
060d2bc Hygrometer/Multi/Thermometer: adds missing DHT21 & DHT22 examples and diagrams



@rwaldron rwaldron released this Oct 14, 2016 · 71 commits to master since this release

Commit Message/Description
1c79926 v0.10.2
a15c44f Board.Component: remove dashes from controller names
e7bb86a Board: const-ing "undefined" (only fake const until we drop 0.10.x)
6a696a3 Board: remove unnecessary .js extensions
21ef1d3 Accerometer/Gyro/IMU: Remove alias MPU-6050
d75ac0c Multi: DHT11 refactored to support DHT11, 21, 22. Fixes gh-1216, gh-112
71383d2 LCD: fix display entry initialization for PCF8574(A/T)
359352a LCD: move i2cConfig call to after opts.address is resolved for specific variants of PCF8574
43e0cd3 Examples: regen servo.md
f8f4e6a Servo: remove specs because it's not a thing.



@rwaldron rwaldron released this Sep 26, 2016 · 81 commits to master since this release

Commit Message/Description
b26aab1 v0.10.1
c6405fa Multi: fixes to TH02
ef2e19f Fixes Fn.u* functions
415202b Fixes Fn.uint32
960e2a5 Fn.bitValue: clean up comments
1cf710e Fn.range: Add test for uncovered branch
b5ef19a Fn.u* and Fn.s*: Update comments and tests
2bbec6e Remove outdated overloading
0115cec Fn.fmap: update comments
2fe9d65 Fn.[u]int*: update comments and add tests
515e9e5 Fn.bitValue: update comments and tests
79de80c Fn.sum: Update comments and tests
bc62b61 Fn.square: Update comments and add tests
abe928d Fn.uid: Update comments
1f65d61 Fn.range.prefixed: Update comments and tests
2c6b926 Fn.range: Update comments
84ff228 Fn.inRange: update comments and tests
cd3fd55 Fn.constrain: update comments and tests
c3a802a Fn.map: Update comments
682e843 Fn.toFixed: comment and add'l tests
1843e4f Constructor var decl order nitpicking
66b3a71 Remove unnec comments
dc7e14c Sensors: normalize examples to follow like-naming conventions
acd87dd Thermometer: remove "temperature" properties. Re-order components lists as needed.
18c5478 IMU/Multi: remove code that has been replaced by Components mechanism
48cb374 IMU/Multi: define generic Components that initializes and defines get accessors for IMU controller wrappers, based on components property value
42664a1 Removes comments that no longer provide valuable insight or credit to original source/inspiration material.
07bd30c IMU/Multi: rename "state" => "calibration" to disambiguate from broader used "state" var.
817b96a Examples: update and fix Thermometer examples
002b519 Multi/Thermometer/Hygrometer: HIH6130
1d8b639 Examples: updates and new (BME280, HIH6130)
2ebd381 IMU: nitpicking comment notations
9904027 Typo in documentation (#1215)
7db091a Servo/Servo.Collection: 100% coverage
521ad12 Let's temporarily stopped pin-nannying and see what happens.
fa7318f Renaming to lower case with dashes
b2b7373 improve coding style
e02bcd4 merge conflicts
0c174b9 fix jslint
7c786a9 Rewrite the arduino starter kit in johnny-five
df30ac8 Rewrite the arduino starter kit in johnny-five



@rwaldron rwaldron released this Aug 8, 2016 · 124 commits to master since this release

Commit Message/Description
5ccaa88 v0.10.0
0d58117 Deps: Firmata 0.14.0
56ecd64 Take out the trash: Pir, Distance and IR* removed



@rwaldron rwaldron released this Aug 3, 2016 · 127 commits to master since this release

Commit Message/Description
0f5b84e v0.9.62
cde12b9 Deps: Serialport@4.x.x
935fd36 LCD: More Grove RGB LCD examples. Closes gh-1195
0adb65f Lint: fix lint nit
d2c9a79 Animation: 100% coverage
e6e30e1 Led/Led.RGB: tests split into separate files
51077d2 Lint: add RGB to globals in test/.jshintrc
ac68870 LCD: minor nits and cleanups
1743ea5 LCD: Use RGB.ToRGB for bgColor() on supported devices
9f8c07a Tests: explicitly require "test/common/bootstrap" to prevent resource loading race conditions
b719b3a LCD: "OP" => "REGISTER"
bba3361 Add @haru01 to contributors
9404cf6 fix pin 7->8. docs/breadboard/button-options.fzz pin '8' (#1194)
40528d5 Add Rhys van der Waerden to contributors. References gh-1187
276d901 npm binaries are in the path for npm scripts (#1182)



@rwaldron rwaldron released this Jul 27, 2016 · 142 commits to master since this release

Commit Message/Description
e724111 v0.9.61
7201e45 Restore map OR'ing
6c2097c Roll back map implementation changes
b369fa4 Prevent Piezo#play from mutating song array (#1189)
a4faac1 Tests: minor corrections to float values (for Float32 improvements)
71ac3aa Fn: improved fmap
18ea9f3 Proximity: HCSR04_I2C_BACKPACK collection diagram



@rwaldron rwaldron released this Jul 15, 2016 · 149 commits to master since this release

Commit Message/Description
95cef98 v0.9.60
7d687d1 Animation: move loopFunction to extended
bd66691 Lint nits
5142efb Stepper: use Fn.TAU const instead of expr
02a80f5 Board: add test for wait
d26342e test/jshintrc: add Multi to globals
76e6385 Sensor: Board.* => Fn.* where applicable
93db160 Compass: use Fn.TAU const instead of expr
4b9a15f Fn: 2π as τ (Fn.TAU)
ab311b0 Animation: 96.84% coverage
bdb81e8 Fn: clean up and better documentation for int/uint makers
632102d Fn: rename bitsIn => bitSize
579fec7 Fn: ensure toFixed(null, ...) wont throw
bf98fa1 Animation: improved coverage
ace218d Altimeter: enforced resolution for meters and feet values
c5b5a1e Board: decouple component state snapshotting and serialization
5e99bcb Board: remove commented out require("os")
4b4915f Board: Improved coverage (followup)
f0f26d4 Collection: Expose Collection to allow user code access. Includes tests
f4fafbe Lint nits
7c2b4c8 Board: 89.79% coverage
4e2342c Button: 100% coverage
2de3c7c Altimeter: 100% coverage
e7eae08 Collections: more tests for nested pins arrays
3e37161 Accelerometer: 100% coverage
b92855d Accelerometer: remove unnecessary array path for analogInitialize; Update ESPLORA controller to assign pins correctly.
4f9a69f Thermometer: disable MPL115A2 until more work can be done to determine why the tests have race conditions.
3f4380e Expander: (PCF8591) Use correct var for pin number event name. Fixes gh-1175
29b6615 Fianl removal of Board.Device (replaced by Board.Component)
26a5f6d Improve LCD millisecond delay handling (#1174)
59ef3a1 Expander/Accelerometer: LIS3DH Support
4357638 Thermometer: one day I will defeat this idiotic test.
0c8b740 Led: Update test expect count
7858f83 LedControl: Fix duplicate test with renaming: "led" => "ledOutOfBounds"
650359f Led: Never break blink() again.
0f0d7b9 Led.RGB/Led.RGB.Collection: 100% coverage
77a4eb9 LedControl/Led.Digits/Led.Matrix: 100% coverage
ab6577d Proximity: Implements Proximity.Collection
2dbe45e Gruntfile: fix lint nit
58e2afb Tests: Fix flaky race condition in MPL115A2 tests
71d5aca Gruntfile: make a shortcut task for running "qc" on examples
5a455c7 Gruntfile: add easier to run "quality control" task (see long description)
ed819e2 Led: More test coverage
642db04 Piezo: I2C Backpack draft
11a6a30 travis: run test-cover and coveralls
fad822b v0.9.59
ae56872 Handle 0 value (#1170)
398679d Gruntfile: fix redeclaration
798f15a Led.RGB: make sure pin warnings are opt-in
a664531 Piezo: test coverage 100%
127786f Piezo: pre-workshop cleanup
3a4d784 Gruntfile: fix changelog script to work as changelog:vx.x.x
ddfde59 istanbul: reduce yml indent
1eeb714 Add kilida kilidapatch@gmail.com to contributors
3d5ef34 Examples: regen
328a9fb Repeated subexpression in brat.js (#1164)