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@rwaldron rwaldron released this May 10, 2018 · 91 commits to master since this release

Commit Message/Description
5406895 v0.15.0
13147ee Servo: removes blank line whitespace
fd49e3b Update example template copyright years
c33155e Add support for multi-turn, winch, 90 and 360 degree servos
a8b12e0 DRV8871 Example
cb9d4d9 Compass: fix typo in test file
42458a1 .npmignore: lib/
16c1cdd All: move datasheet urls to lib/
b43662d Package.json: remove "engines"
641f917 Compass: don't make assertions for 144004 possible compass directions.
01c97ad Lint: fix lint issues
9f826d5 CI: Make Travis and Appveyor run the same test commands. Fixes gh-1462
6402aa9 Coverage: Barometer, Board, Compass, IMU, Orientation
Assets 2
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