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The IR.Motion class constructs an object that represents a single Passive Infrared Motion sensor.

NOTE: The IR.Motion class is being replaced by the Motion class, which will support all motion sensors.


  • pin A Number pin address for Motion sensor.

  • options An object of property parameters.

    Property Type Value/Description Default Required
    pin Number, String Digital Pin. The Number or String address of the pin the sensor is attached to, ie. 9, “D7” yes


  id: A user definable id value. Defaults to a generated uid
  pin: The pin address that the Sensor is attached to
  value: Digital state reading (0 or 1). READONLY
  isCalibrated: Boolean flag indicating calibration state of motion sensor 

Component Initialization


// Pin only
new five.IR.Motion(7);

// Options object with pin property
var motion = new five.IR.Motion({
  pin: 7



var five = require("johnny-five");
var board = new five.Board();

board.on("ready", function() {

  // Create a new `motion` hardware instance.
  var motion = new five.IR.Motion(7);

  // "calibrated" occurs once, at the beginning of a session,
  motion.on("calibrated", function() {

  // "motionstart" events are fired when the "calibrated"
  // proximal area is disrupted, generally by some form of movement
  motion.on("motionstart", function() {

  // "motionend" events are fired following a "motionstart" event
  // when no movement has occurred in X ms
  motion.on("motionend", function() {


  • data The "data" event is fired as frequently as the user defined freq will allow in milliseconds. ("data" replaced the "read" event)

  • motionstart The "motionstart" event is fired when motion occurs within the observable range of the PIR/IR.Motion/IR.Proximity sensor

  • motionend The "motionend" event is fired when motion has ceased within the observable range of the PIR/IR.Motion/IR.Proximity sensor.

  • calibrated The "calibrated" event is fired when PIR/IR.Motion sensor is ready to detect movement/motion in observable range. (PIR/IR.Motion ONLY)

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