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capture any frame from your popcorn video instance and save as png

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Note, this feature will not work with videos requested across domains. Same Origin Policy forbids the use of getImageData(), toDataUrl() and other canvas API methods.

Create data-uri png posters by capturing any frame in your video!

var $pop = Popcorn( "#video-id" ),

// Jump to the frame we want to capture and create a poster!
poster = $pop.currentTime( 10 ).capture();

// Poster will be set by default...
$pop.currentTime( 10 ).capture();

// Teleport, capture and return

    // By setting at:time, you can jump to that time, capture and return to the current time
    // You can also specify SMPTE time strings
    at: 10

// Set the captured frame to an image!

    // Any valid selector will work:
    target: "img#capture"

// Set the captured frame to an image, while returning the
// popcorn media to continue chaining methods!

    target: "img#capture",

    // Set media:true to override the return!
    media: true

    // This allows us to chain additional methods to this call:
}).currentTime( 10 ).play();



    (lone command will run all)

    minify  - UglifyJS on all application code
    hint    - JSHint on all application code
    clean   - delete generated files

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