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Create video clip sequences that playback seamlessly

Contributions should follow these guidelines:


var sequence = Popcorn.sequence(
						src: "assets/snowdriving.ogv",
						in: 0,
						out: 5
						src: "assets/snowdriving.ogv",
						in: 7,
						out: 10
						src: "assets/snowdriving.ogv",
						in: 3,
						out: 6

Sequences implement the following methods:

// Return a Popcorn object for "assets/snowdriving.ogv"

sequence.eq( 0 );

// Play the sequence;

// Execute a callback at the 4th second in the sequence

sequence.exec( 4, function() {


// Listen for an event in the sequence

sequence.listen( eventName, function() {

	// canplaythrough, loadedmetadata, loadeddata events will fire only when all clips have fired
	// timeupdate, play, pause will fire on the currently active clip


// TODO: Add sequence.listen() example

For seamless playback, be sure to wrap playback in a "canplaythrough" event callback


Somehow need to get back to previous videos?