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#lang racket
(require net/url
(planet dyoo/string-template:1:0/string-template))
(define app-path (path-only (find-system-path 'run-file)))
; Dispatcher
(define-values (twatlr-dispatch twatlr-url)
[("") home-page]
[("thread") redirect-thread]
[("thread" (string-arg)) view-thread]))
; Home page responder
(define (home-page req)
(render home-page-tmpl (hash "labelclass" "notice"
"labeltext" "Enter the URL of a tweet below ↓")))
; Redirect responder
(define (redirect-thread req)
(match (assoc 'tweet (url-query (request-uri req)))
[(cons k v) (redirect-to (string-append "/thread/" (or (extract-id v) v)) permanently)]
[_ (not-found req)]))
; View thread responder
(define (view-thread req t)
(if (extract-id t)
(if (hash-has-key? (get-tweet t) 'error)
(not-found req)
(render view-thread-tmpl (hash "content" (thread->string (get-thread t)))))
(not-found req)))
; 404 responder
(define (not-found req)
(render home-page-tmpl (hash "labelclass" "error"
"labeltext" "Not found — Try again :(")))
; Templates
(define-values (home-page-tmpl view-thread-tmpl head-tmpl tweet-tmpl thread-tmpl)
(values (make-template (file->string (build-path app-path "views" "home-page.html")))
(make-template (file->string (build-path app-path "views" "view-thread.html")))
(make-template (file->string (build-path app-path "views" "_head.html")))
(make-template (file->string (build-path app-path "views" "_tweet.html")))
(make-template (file->string (build-path app-path "views" "_thread.html")))))
; Render view
(define (render tmpl [data (hash)])
(let ([output (template->string tmpl (hash-set data "head" (template->string head-tmpl (hash))))])
200 #"Okay"
(current-seconds) TEXT/HTML-MIME-TYPE
(list (make-header #"Content-Length" (string->bytes/utf-8 (number->string (string-length output))))
(make-header #"X-LOL" #"NO U"))
(list (string->bytes/utf-8 output)))))
; Render 404
(define (render-404 tmpl [data (hash)])
(let ([output (template->string tmpl data)])
404 #"Not Found"
(current-seconds) TEXT/HTML-MIME-TYPE
(list (make-header #"Content-Length" (string->bytes/utf-8 (number->string (string-length output))))
(make-header #"X-LOL" #"NO U"))
(list (string->bytes/utf-8 output)))))
; Render a thread to a HTML
(define (thread->string thread)
(template->string thread-tmpl
"numtweets" (number->string (length thread))
"numusers" (length (remove-duplicates (map (λ (t) (hash-ref (hash-ref t 'user) 'name)) thread)))
"tweets" (foldr string-append
(map (λ (t)
(template->string tweet-tmpl (tweet->tmpl-hash t)))
(reverse thread))))))
; Convert a tweet hash (JSON) to a hash suitable for string templates
(define (tweet->tmpl-hash t)
"id" (hash-ref t 'id_str)
"username" (hash-ref (hash-ref t 'user) 'name)
"userscreenname" (hash-ref (hash-ref t 'user) 'screen_name)
"userpic" (hash-ref (hash-ref t 'user) 'profile_image_url)
"text" (linkify-twitter (linkify-url (hash-ref t 'text)))
"date" (hash-ref t 'created_at)))
; Grab numeric ID from either ID or tweet URL
(define (extract-id url)
(let ([match (regexp-match #px"\\d+$" url)])
(if match
(car match)
; Linkfiy all URLs in a string
(define (linkify-url text)
(let ([r-http #px"^[a-z]+://"]
[r-link #px"\\b(?:[a-z]+://)?(?<!@)[0-9a-z](?:[-\\d\\w.]*\\.)+[a-z]{2,4}(?:\\:\\d{1,6})?(?:[-\\d\\w./?=&#%+]*)\\b"])
(regexp-replace* r-link text (λ (url)
(let ([fixed-url (if (regexp-match? r-http url) url (string-append "http://" url))])
(string-append "<a href=" fixed-url ">" url "</a>"))))))
; Linkify all Twitter usernames in a string
(define (linkify-twitter text)
(regexp-replace* #px"@(\\w+)" text (λ (disp user)
(string-append "<a href=" user ">" disp "</a>"))))
; URL to Request
(define (url->request u)
(make-request #"GET" (string->url u) empty
(delay empty) #f "" 80 ""))
; (write (twatlr-dispatch
; (url->request "")))
(with-output-to-file (build-path app-path "") (λ () (write (getpid))))
(serve/servlet twatlr-dispatch
#:extra-files-paths (list (build-path app-path "public"))
#:log-file (build-path app-path "log" "app.log")
#:servlet-regexp #rx""
#:servlet-path "/"
#:launch-browser? #f
#:file-not-found-responder not-found)