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Basic Dojo Application

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A simple/sample Dojo application.


To fetch Dojo and all required plugins, run in src/
To run a build and update Dojo, run in src/
	* Adjust the path to dojo.js and main.css in index after build. 
		- New dojo.js is located in src/release/twit/dojo/dojo.js
		- New main.css is located in src/release/twit/styles/main.css 


If a new plugin from dojox (or any other external dependency) is added, you must run to update changes. 

If your index.html is pointing to a built dojo.js (/release/twit/) you must re-run 
to "compile" the changes after every update.

	* figure out git->svn:externals
	* styles, menu paddings/colors/margins
	* Add UI for loading trending topics 
	* Add UI for help	
		* search is comma separated
		* can be any of the standard queries:
			* something
			* something OR somethingelse
			* from:someone
			* to:someone
			* public:[username] for auth'd public timeline
			(and so on)
	* Implement beer.Portal for DnD	
	* Add "more" to bottom of search and maintain page
	* <strike>Implement RT removal in search.</strike>
		* per instance
			* settings per search box in UI?
	* use cookies to store queries (ala history in search box or: ?)
	* Save search set 
		* do we want named saves? eg: "ajax news" has 
		  queries for "dojo OR dojobeer, mootools, ajaxian"
		* or only one persisting favorite? 
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