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C-SPLAT, FooTV and FightClub
Perl Shell
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C-SPLAT examines Crawl logfiles from public servers (URLs currently
hardcoded in, selects interesting games and plays them back
on in the C-SPLAT channel.

There are two components to C-SPLAT:

1. The game fetch process:

perl is the game fetch process that examines games from
remote logfiles and downloads selected games.

2. The game playback process (

perl is the process that picks games from the C-SPLAT database
and plays them on

To run C-SPLAT, you need to start, give it time to
build a list of games, then start to start playback.
Downloaded ttyrecs are saved to disk and *never purged*. Watch out for
your disk space.


FooTV accepts xlogfile entries from a TV request server (currently the
server hosting the Sequell bot on Freenode IRC ##crawl). When it
receives an xlogfile request, it identifies the server hosting that
game's ttyrecs, downloads the ttyrecs and plays back the game on, close to the end of the game, or close to the milestone
event if provided a milestone.

To run FooTV, use:


You'll first have to edit to point at the server that
broadcasts TV requests.


FightClub accepts requests of the form "!fight X v Y", passes the
request to a slave Crawl process as "crawl -arena 'X v Y", and
termcasts the resulting arena fight.

To run FightClub, you need a local Crawl binary. Run FightClub as:

CRAWL_HOME=/directory/where/crawl/binary/lives perl

FightClub runs its own IRC bot to take bot requests. Edit to
configure the request bot. forks an process to
run Crawl and termcast the fight. Edit to configure the
termcast channel, etc.
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