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Supplemental Cyclus Archetypes

Run make install to build and install these archetypes into .local/lib/cyclus which will need to be in your CYCLUS_PATH environment variable. The archetypes are built into a single library named rwc. Included archetypes are:

  • LookInst: This archetype allows the user to specify an arbitrary power capacity time series that the institution will automatically deploy power generating facilities (of multiple types) to match. It uses a look-ahead mechanism to see if its chosen deployments were not "good" and adjusts its deployment decisions accordingly. This archetype currently requires rwcarlsen/cyclus#restart branch of Cyclus to work.

  • FleetReactor: This reactor models an entire reactor fleet as a single, homogenous unit. Like the Cycamore reactor, it just uses static, user-specified compositions for fresh and spent fuel. Refueling is incremental - occuring every time step. It is approximately a continuous flow fleet model - much like the way system-dynamics simulators represent facilities. It "pretends" to be many reactors to the Cyclus kernel - allowing other agents to deploy/decommission single-reactor units, but these single-reactors just adjust the size/capacity of the homogenous fleet.

  • Storage: This facility is very similar to the Cycamore storage facility, and was originally created before Cycamore's existed. It has slightly more careful handling of discrete material objects (e.g. not ever splitting them) and is a bit more sophisticated with respect to resource exchange for offering/bidding its inventory. It would be good to use implementation details from this archetype to improve the Cycamore storage archetype.

  • PatternSink: Pattern sink is identical to the Cycamore sink facility except it has an additional parameter that allows the user to control the frequency with which the facility requests material - i.e. the user can tell the facility to only request material every Nth time step.


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