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#include <algorithm>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "cyclus.h"
#include "rwc_version.h"
namespace rwc {
class Context;
class PatternSink : public cyclus::Facility {
PatternSink(cyclus::Context* ctx);
virtual ~PatternSink();
virtual std::string version() {return RWC_VERSION;};
#pragma cyclus note { \
"doc": "" \
#pragma cyclus
virtual void Tick() {};
virtual void Tock() {};
virtual std::set<cyclus::RequestPortfolio<cyclus::Material>::Ptr>
virtual void AcceptMatlTrades(
const std::vector< std::pair<cyclus::Trade<cyclus::Material>,
cyclus::Material::Ptr> >& responses);
bool inactive() { return (context()->time() - enter_time()) % every_n != 0; }
#pragma cyclus var {"tooltip": "input commodities", \
"doc": "commodities that the sink facility accepts", \
"uilabel": "List of Input Commodities", \
"uitype": ["oneormore", "incommodity"]}
std::vector<std::string> in_commods;
#pragma cyclus var {"default": "", "tooltip": "requested composition", \
"doc": "name of recipe to use for material requests, " \
"where the default (empty string) is to accept " \
"everything", \
"uilabel": "Input Recipe", \
"uitype": "recipe"}
std::string recipe_name;
#pragma cyclus var {"default": 1e299, \
"tooltip": "sink maximum inventory size", \
"uilabel": "Maximum Inventory", \
"doc": "total maximum inventory size of sink facility"}
double max_inv_size;
/// monthly acceptance capacity
#pragma cyclus var {"default": 1e299, "tooltip": "sink capacity", \
"uilabel": "Maximum Throughput", \
"doc": "capacity the sink facility can " \
"accept at each time step"}
double capacity;
#pragma cyclus var { \
"default": 1.0, \
"doc": "request preference", \
double pref;
#pragma cyclus var { \
"doc": "only request ever nth timestep.", \
"default": 1, \
int every_n;
/// this facility holds material in storage.
#pragma cyclus var {'capacity': 'max_inv_size'}
cyclus::toolkit::ResBuf<cyclus::Resource> inventory;
} // namespace rwc